About BeingLead

Passion; “To develop leaders to succeed with their personal ambitions and business goals

BeingLead advises and helps organisations to realise business ambitions and goals through conscious leaders who balance their BEING and their DOING.

Over the past 20 years, Annika Jacobsen, founder of BeingLead, has been working with managers on all levels and has especially developed strong competencies within Executive Management. She is specialised in leading transformations and developing leaders. She has built her career as a highly qualified Executive with a broad set of competencies and has a background as a Management Consultant in PA Consulting, a Business Psychologist and an HR Director in private as well as public companies. She applies her extensive experience on any strategic, tactical and operational level.

Amongst Annika’s greatest strengths is her work within Executive leadership and personal development, building a performance culture and leading companies into a more digital era – a development that has accelerated rapidly over the past years because of external game changers like e.g. Covid-19.

BeingLead works with organisations and leaders who are ready to transform themselves and their businesses to gain faster results through more conscious behaviour, greater involvement and a trust-based environment.

Founder; You will meet a person who has an open and emphatic mind, who will challenge you and the existing in a close interaction. She has been a key player in transforming several companies and knows the impact that right and wrong decisions can have on an organisation and on people. She is always prepared to learn and course-correct, and she readily shares her experience, knowledge and insights.

Annika Jacobsen
Founder & Executive Adviser

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