Personal and Team development

Personal and Team development

– Using your team full potential to realise the goals

Taking the team to the next level – handle the unexpected by accelerating the readiness for change. Be aware of your own inner barriere and strength.

  • Through involvement, trust and a clear direction, you can take the team to the next level and enhance performance
  • Mobilise and motivate the team by getting (personal and team) insight – strive for greater achievements. Insight as a tool to create better team performance and co-creation
  • Build strong relations and get a better understanding of the group dynamic (and where to adjust) to gain better results … also during hard times (corona etc.)

BeingLead’s Beliefs

A high-performing team delivers results because of insight in the team’s strengths and weaknesses and therefore knows how to support and build upon. You need to build trust and confidence to realise the full potential of the team and the individual.

The expectations to deliver as high performing teams keep changing due to external circumstances, such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, which virtually and physically challenges teamwork and co-creation as never seen before. The whole world has created new ways of communicating and organising our ways of cooperation. So what have we learned, and how are we going to use it in the future to ensure that we take a step forward and not a step back?

Together with the leader(s), BeingLead will lift the team(s) to new heights through meaning, team development and co-creation.

Founder; With my background in business psychology, coaching and working with deeper personal matters, I have extensive experience in building relationships and co-creation. For me, it’s not just about better cooperation for the team: My goal is to create a good and long-lasting work culture that will take the organisation to new heights.

BeingLead uses Hogan and Insight as profile tools to challenge the individual and team and gain faster personal and team insight. Furthermore, we focus on:

  • Strengthening relations by understanding different perspectives, values and beliefs
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Getting personal and team insight to use own and the team’s full potential by using Insight or Hogan (personal profiles)
  • Activating on the job training to achieve the insights and training in real life situations

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