Leadership Development

Leadership Development

– Lead myself to develop my business

What do I need to develop to achieve my business ambitions?

  • What does it require from me to lead a transformative business in a changeable environment?
  • Which personal development goals should I to strive to achieve to succeed with my business goals?

BeingLead’s Beliefs

Transformation is not a goal – it’s a state (of mind). Transformation is not a “thing” we must overcome or mitigate – it’s a condition we need to live with and be motivated by. Succeeding with ambitious business goals requires ambitious personal development goals

BeingLead leadership development is for the management team who wants to increase their performance rapidly, using their full potential to reach the business goals in a changeable world through a more conscious and trusted based approach combined with mental and physical training.

The leadership development can be designed either as a process for an existing management team or a newly established team. The development process can be combined with a strategy rollout, a transformation, a organisational change or similiar.

  • Through the process the leadership team and the individual leader will become more aware of their prerequisites for success, while also beginning to reach some of the team and personal goals. The leadership team will reach a higher level of team-understanding, self-awareness and improve the teams effectiveness and trust – balance their “being and doing”.
  • The leadership team and the individual leader will become more conscious about how they can lead the business into an unpredictable future with new ways of thinking. They will all strengthen their ability to observe, reflect, learn and act.

Founder; “As your facilitator and coach, I will support you to learn and develop every day. With my background in Executive Management and Business Psychology,  I understand the challenges you face and also how to support and coach you to overcome them”.

As an individual leader you can also join the BeingLead Management program along with other leaders – see the page “Develop yourself”.

The BeingLead Management Program is an open leadership program for leaders who want to take their leadership to the next level, become inspired and challenged by peers while building a strong network of leaders from other companies undergoing the same development as you

Key conditions for reaching your business ambitions and develop your organisation: Start by leading your self

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