Executive Management Program


You have to start asking yourself – what do I need to develop to achieve my business ambitions?

What does it require of me to lead a transformative business in a changeable environment?

Which personal development goals should I to strive to achieve to succeed with my business goals?

The BeingLead Executive Management Program is an open leadership Program for leaders who want to take their leadership into the next level, increase their performance rapidly to reach the business goals. Through a more consciously approach combined with mental and physical training, become inspired and challenged by peers while building a strong network of leaders from other companies undergoing the same development as you.

BeingLeads Executive Management Program will empower you to:

Become even more aware of your prerequisites for success, while also beginning to reach some of your personal goals. You will reach a higher level of self-awareness and improve your effectiveness as an Executive Leader.

You will become more conscious about how you want to lead your business into an unpredictable future with new ways of thinking. You will strengthen your ability to observe, reflect, learn and act.

Key conditions for reaching your business ambitions and develop your organisation:
Start by leading yourself

As your facilitator and coach I will support you to learn and develop every day. With my background in Executive Management and Business Psychology, I understand the challenges you face and also how to support and coach you to overcome them.


Price: DKK. 45,000 incl. meals and accommodation

Number of participants: 10-12 (if possible due to Covid-19 rules)

You have to join all the session’s to get the full impact

The program will be held in Danish, but if there are enough participants for an English-speaking team, an extra program will be created


The time after Covid-19 “From unconscious to conscious reflection on the Corona-learning” will be an underlying theme for the program.

The program will combine virtual and traditional place-based training with daily training in practice, reflections, and breathing exercises, mental and physical training.

A VIP-guest will join some of the session to inspire the team.

For more details please contact AJ@being-lead.com

All Covid-19 rules will be followed during the sessions

Annika Jacobsen, founder of Being lead, will be the responsible for the entire program and follow you as your nearest coach from the beginning to end of the program.

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